Books as Tributes

Books as Tributes
There are times when we wish to honor a person or to commemorate an important event, and a gift to your library affords an opportunity to do this. Books are fitting tributes to the people or events we wish to be remembered, for ideas in books live on.

Gifts are appropriate on many occasions, such as the birth of a new baby, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays and as memorials. A memorial gift is most often made on the death of a relative or a friend whose memory we wish to make lasting. It is fitting to help interests live on through books which the deceased might have selected. Whatever the interests, they can be promoted and shared through a gift to your public library. Gift books add particular richness to the collection, for volumes selected for tributes as limited to those which meet the library’s needs.

If you would like to make a gift (suggested minimum $15.00), please use the following form: Gift form

All contributions are tax deductible. The library staff will make an immediate thoughtful selection of a suitable book or books and will make the appropriate acknowledgement of the gift. A bookplate with the name of the person honored and the name of the donor will be placed in each book. Books provide lasting tributes which bring pleasure to scores of readers!

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