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The library endeavors to provide quality services and resources for its patrons. With that in mind, we try our best to make available high demand materials for students. Please use this form to notify library staff of upcoming assignments, reports and/or research projects. Feel free to attach additional information, including handouts the students will receive. Please e-mail or drop off the completed form to the library; preferably at least 2 weeks before students receive the assignment. Occasionally, we might not have sufficient materials on hand to accommodate many students at once. Should we not have enough copies of required titles or books on a specific subject, please remind students that materials requested from other BCCLS libraries can take approximately 4-5 business day to arrive at our library. Also, in order for materials to be checked out they must bring their library cards.

Teaches should email a completed document to: [email protected]

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Class Visit

The library embraces its role as a secondary support for academics: supplementing school resources and hosting class visits when possible. We want each student’s orientation and experience with the library to be a positive one. A successful class visit can be achieved with effective communication and advanced planning between the educator and the appropriate library staff. With consideration for all of our library patrons in mind, some hours may be unavailable for class visits due to limited space or staffing.

Please fill out the following form to request a class visit at least 4 weeks in advance of your preferred visit date(s). Once the form is received, you will be contacted with a confirmation from a library staff member to discuss details.

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Student Library Cards

The library embraces its role as a secondary support for academics. Students are eligible for a Cliffside Park Library Card. Upon request, teachers may reach out to the Youth Services Librarian for the student library card application.

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