Little Free Libraries

Will the library accept my donation of used books?

No. Please read on for an explanation of our refusal to accept discarded books. 

The library will not accept used books of any kind. The Cliffside Park Library allocates an adequate materials budget annually for books, media, magazines, etc.. The budget is overseen by the Library Board of Trustees and the Library Director. The Director assigns certified, professional librarians on staff to make buying decisions. Those decisions follow a format based on many factors; publish date, popularity, starred reviews and community data to name a few. As part of this work, the librarians make decisions, nearly daily, about removing library materials that are past their useful life and/or need for shelf space. This process is called Collection Development. It serves the needs, not only of our community but, of all the members of our fellow Bergen County Cooperative Library System libraries.

Where can I donate my used books?

Right here in the Borough of Cliffside Park!


Read on…

In 2018 at the promoting of Councilwoman Dana Martinotti, the Cliffside Park Mayor, Council and Library Board of Trustees signed on to partner with the worldwide Little Free Library program. The library staff, CPHS art students and the Cliffside Park Department of Public Works began installing and stocking Little Free Libraries around the Borough. The locations in Cliffside Park expand free book access and inspire reading on a 24/7 basis in “take a book, leave a book” format. The LFL program relies on people voluntarily placing books, for readers of all ages, into the unit for others to enjoy. Those people may return that book or another, making the project self-sustaining and truly a one bookshelf to another!

The Borough of Cliffside Park’s Little Free Libraries are the ideal place for those adult or children’s books you are ready to give away. While this is a great way for people to declutter and make use of their books in a beneficial way, we kindly ask that you make an honest judgment of the reading material you have. Please recycle textbooks and anything that is past its useful life in regards to age, content and/or condition [mold, odor, torn, missing pages, etc.]. 

If you have any questions please call the library at 201-945-2867 and ask for Donna Murtagh. Or email Donna at [email protected]

Cliffside Park Little Free Libraries

If you wish to place your donations in a unit within Cliffside Park, use the map as a self-directed guide. If you wish to place your donations in a unit outside of Cliffside Park, visit the worldwide Little Free Library Map and enter the desired zip code.

I do not want to put my books in a Little Free Library? Are there other options?

If you would like an alternative for donating your books, many Friends of Library groups host used books sales that rely on donations or you can contact the Vietnam Veterans of America, Salvation Army and Goodwill directly for more information on their guidelines.

If you have a large quantity of books to discard and they are best suited for the recycle bin, please call the Department of Public Works for instructions on disposal: 201-943-3675

You can also refer to the Bergen County Utilities Authority Bulk & Household Hazardous Waste and Paper Shredding calendar of events, sites and dates. There are many locations and dates offered throughout Bergen county annually. You must be a Bergen County resident to participate.

Does the library accept new books?
The acceptance of new book donations is handled case-by-case (replacing a book that was lost, commemorating a local author’s published work, demarking a donation for a particular population [ESL, Summer Readers, etc.]). Please call the Library Director, Stephanie Bellucci, for more information as she, in consultation with the Library Board of Trustees, are the only ones that will approve/deny/set parameters around the donation. 

Can I suggest that the library purchase a book or material to be added to the collection? Please contact the Library Director, Stephanie Bellucci, with your request and review the collection development process noted in the first section. 

Does the library offer an opportunity to memorialize/honor someone or commemorate an occasion vis-a-vi a tribute book?
The library requests that you consider honoring your loved one vis-a-vi a direct donation to the library. More information can be found here. If you still believe a tribute book is the best suited for this milestone or memorial, please contact the Library Director, Stepahanie Bellucci. 

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